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Learn the shortcut


Cmd/Ctrl indicates "Command" (or "Control") on Mac and "Control" on Windows and Linux.

Global keybinding#

  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + k to toggle search bar

Question editor#

  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + s to save changes to current question
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + Enter to execute the SQL of current question
  • Press Alt/Option + v to toggle "Visualization options"
  • Press Alt/Option + s to toggle "Edit SQL"


The basics#

  • Press / to bring up quick commands.
  • Type /Command Name + Enter to execute a command directly
  • Type [[ and the name of another story to create a link to it
  • Type Tab to indent text
  • Type Shift + Tab to unindent text
  • Type Enter to create a new text block below
  • Press Ctrl + f to move cursor forward
  • Press Ctrl + b to move cursor backward
  • Press Ctrl + a to jump to start of block
  • Press Ctrl + e to jump to end of block
  • Undo: Cmd/Ctrl + z to
  • Redo: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + z
  • Press Alt/Option and click a story link to open it in the sidebar

Inline styling#

With text selected, you can use following shortcut keys apply inline styling:

  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + b to bold it
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + i to italicize it
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + u to underline it
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + y to strike-through it
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + e to create as inline code with it
  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + h to highlight it

Markdown styling#

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text for formatting syntax. Tellery is a Markdown editor. That means you can do things like the following…


  • Type [] to create to-do checklist.
  • Use single asterisk * followed by a space to create a bullet point.
  • Type 1. followed by a space to start the numbered list.
  • Use two angle brackets >> followed by a space to start a toggle list.
  • In your list, press Tab to indent and add sub-bullets.


Headings can be created as follows:

# Heading 1 (largest)
## Heading 2
### Heading 3


  • Use single bracket > to capture a blockquote.
  • Capture a code snippet with three leading ```.
  • Soon, we will provide inline markdown support, such as bold, italicize, and strike-through