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Data asset

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about using data assets and give you some ideas for using them.

What is a Data asset in Tellery?#

Data assets are well-maintained models configured with a dozen of pre-defined metrics. You can find all available data assets on the right-hand sidebar in your workspace.

The benefit of using data assets is two-fold:

  • Easy-to-use: Data assets let business users extract metrics without knowing SQL.
  • Collaborative: Using data asset across dashboards & reports instead of copy-pasting SQL snippets make your business logic more consistent and easier to maintain.

How to create a data asset?#

You can create a data asset from any existing question.

  1. Click the "Create as data asset" button in the "Modeling" tab on the right-hand sidebar.

  2. Click the + button to add a metric. Currently, Tellery supports two types of metrics:

    • Aggregated metric: calculate the metric by aggregating values within a column
    • Custom SQL metric: calculate the metric by a custom SQL

Don't forget to give it a meaningful name.

Example: You can inspect the following data asset Order to see the SQL behind it and its metrics.

How to explore a data asset?#

  • First, drag and drop a data asset from the right-hand sidebar to your story.
  • Second, choose at least one metric as well as a couple of dimensions to summarize.

You can also add any visualizations to understand the summarized data better.

How to use data assets in SQL?#

You can open the smart query in the editor to see how to use data assets in SQL.

Tellery allows you to embed a piece of SQL (through CTE) from one question into another.