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Create a new story

Create a story#

Click the "+" button on the left side bar. Then the story is created in your workspace, and a new empty story will pop up in front of you. You can give it a meaningful name.

Ask a question#


For asking a question in Tellery, you need to configure a database first.

Type / to bring up your menu of content options. Go ahead and choose "Question", then a question block will appear in the story. You can edit the name of the question.

Write SQL#

When a new question is created, Tellery will automatically open a question editor. Start writing your SQL there.

Click the "Edit SQL<>" on the bottom right of any existing question block to bring up its SQL in the question editor.

Execute SQL#

You can click the "Execute▶️" button in the question editor to submit a SQL to Tellery. Tellery will query the data warehouse, fetch the result back, and visualize it.

Change the visualization#

The default visualization type is table. To change the visualization, just click the "Visualization options📊" button on the upper right of your question.

Add your words#

Besides the question block, you can also insert a narrative block by simply typing the / command.

Here’s a list of basic blocks in Tellery:

  • Text
  • Header
  • Image
  • Bulleted list
  • Toggle list
  • Checked list
  • Separator
  • Quote

Tellery provides markdown syntax you're familiar with to add your narratives. The typing experience is simple. You can put your relevant explanations to visualization, making it possible for stakeholders to understand your story.

Drag and drop#

Any text or chart in a story can be dragged wherever you want it.

Move your mouse to the block and the ⋮⋮ icon will appear to the left of it. You can drag and drop the block by holding this handle.

Arrange the layout#

To resize a question block, you can drag the right or bottom edges of it.

Drag-and-dropping a block to the right side of another creates columns. Hovering over the space between columns, you will see a separator. Drag and drop the separator to resize its width.

Change the width of a story from the upper right ••• menu on your story. Making a story "Full-width" will allow you to put more content horizontally.